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All about Cosmic Inflation

What everyone should know about where our matter-and-radiation-filled Universe came from.

It means that not only can we be even more sure that there was a period of cosmic inflation preceding the Big Bang, it means we can begin to tell what kind of inflation we had. It means we can start constructing more accurate and more sophisticated models, and learn how this period of exponential expansion ended, and gave rise to our hot, dense, expanding Universe. It means that Guth, Linde, and probably the principal investigator of the BICEP2 collaboration are in line for Nobel Prizes.

And it means that we should be building LISA — the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna — to detect these waves directly. Because even though this is a great moment for science and for cosmology, it’s also the beginning of a new era in our understanding of the Universe: one with gravitational waves left over from before the Big Bang!

[Go read the ~4000 word magnum opus, and learn everything about this fantastic — and confirmed — theory!]

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